(Beyonce, “Drunk in Love”)


I've been praying
I've been waiting
for the day I get more money on my EBT

I've praying
I've been waiting
I can't to fill my 'frig up with them groceries
II wanna eat, Im hungry
Cuz im a foodie foodie foodie baby I wanna eat
Crunch N Grub

Shrimp on ice, shrimp on ice
feeling like an animal with these ribs all in my grill
Matches Lights, make the matches light
i got my foodie foodie foodie baby I'm gonna eat
I'm hungry
Betta keep your hands off my foodie
I dont share when I eat
I'm hungry
Crunch N Grub

We woke up in the kitchen with some chicken
saying thank God this happen Oh baby
Crunch n grub
Itis All Night

Last thing i remember was eating on TV dinners
before I blacked out on that rug
Crunch N Grub
Itis All Night


from The Reintroduction of Mumu Fresh, released May 13, 2014
M. Youssef & D. McDuffie feat. Christylez Bacon on Guitar




Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh Washington, D.C.

Maimouna Youssef aka "Mumu Fresh" is a Grammy nominated seasoned singer, emcee, songwriter and producer. She received a Grammy nomination for her contribution on the Roots hit “Don’t Feel Right” in 2007 for best rap song and has since taken off as an independent artist. This is the right place for all things fresh! Welcome to the Muvement!!! ... more

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