I Choose You: International Alpha Woman's Anthem

from by Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh



(UGK, “International Player’s Anthem”)


The International Alpha Women’s Anthem


Hold'n ma heart in place of ah FOOTBALL....LOOK YALL
Im pose'n like the HEISMAN
I ain't LY'N all it took ALL...
To get into it was ah I DO
Ah simple Signature
Ah Pastor
And Ah Witness or TWO...
Plus ah Quick Kiss for the TWO that never quite thought it THROUGH
Too in SHOCK heart MELTED for the black VELVET BOX...
Don't Judge me like a JURY
Love & Hip-Hop... I'm feelin like TAHIRY INSIDE...
I Ain't used to being CHOSEN
I'm to BLAME, I do the CHOOSE'n & RECRUIT'n for my TEAM
of King JAMES & earn my RING...
But NOTHIN beats ya LOVE'N
Don't Listen to whatcha FRIENDS SAY
They'll have ya thinkin I'm hump'n other men like ah WEDNESDAY...
Ya swept me off ma feet but now you wanna jump the BROOM
And ride it out like witches but for me its too SOON...
Don't ASSUME I'm not committed like SUICIDE
But look before you LEAP or ‘fore ya LEAVE ME for FOOLISH PRIDE...
I ain't RUNNIN from ya LOVE'N but baby ma heart is RACE'N...
All the I DO'S, I DID, I DON'T or I DIDN'T
Shit I DON'T KNOW but it work for Oprah & STEDMAN
INSTEAD we should take it SLOW (HUH)

Verse 2: (MUMU FRESH)

I’m such a Pisces, Indecisive, when it comes to all these men folk/
Want you in my Queendom, Cuz my Harem needs some ken folk/
Vegan Alfredo linguini with a hint of indo
You just catching on, but baby boy know that I been dope
I aint new to this, I’m true to this
Bump what Jay be talking bout/ Betta know that its rules to this/
fuck around find out how true it is/
In lieu of this/ Respect is a necessity /
Don’t get to stirring that pimping stew without the proper recipe/
you aint got to Lie Craig, all I need is clarity/
I don’t do no drama baby gon and check my pedigree/
You like your freedom well me too,
so don’t you gon asking me no questions I aint ask you
cuz I ain't looking to be conquered/
No disrespect ya honor, but love is not a crime so I refuse to do the time
What do you expect, I’m in my prime and plus I’m from an alpha line
I do not color in the lines,
I illustrate my own designs
My face is on all of their wanted posters
But they’ll never catch me,
Their cages are too small for my heart’s song to be set free

Verse 3: (SA-ROC)

Now now now I'm not one to one to follow follow the leader.
I Value freedom more than diamond rings that shine and bling on my finger.
Find your peace with that I'm not your bottom or your piece
in fact I do not play the side to your $2 dollar chicken winger.
If you gon court me, know that kings are the only suit I entertain,
and all them jokers hit the deck when I aced them at their own player’s game.
I'm like slick rick, you can call me the ruler,
I'm not gon melt just cuz u knelt down on one knee and got foolish.
So don't pursue it, final notice: I am thru with mere mortals.
It's gonna take you few trips thru space like NASA to master the password to the portal.
And after the magic happens let's just hope you and your mans stay kinda cordial.
I sorta kinda have that effect on em. I
t's 3 weeks since we shacked up
and they ain't even came and checked on em.
By now they know he got his nose open, he all in.
We'll see y'all June 4th, mama’s front row-bawling.

Verse 4: (Raquel Ra Brown)

I’m a warrior queen and adrenaline tastes mean in my mouth...
calm your heart now soldier,
this playing field may only lead you south...
the sun can't lose it's job... I was born to keep it inspired,
to give it reason to burn it's fire.
I've come to be that indispensable, the chosen one, indivisible,
with liberty for those that choose to surrender,
tender words impeccable, she's just respectable
my clout like leading lady,
slow the play button down to study this motion picture,
baby come close to my lips here:
shouting to worlds beyond this man made mass rotating round clocks,
m'ass rotating round glocks,
they go to war for me,
all hail the queen...
she's a force to be reckoned with,
a universal trigger come equipped to shoot truth when I spit griot told stories of your royalty, my youth...
stories that live on in this poetry and prose, in these songs,
music filling pores with life lived full and long, like ooo (look at you!)...
we aim and see shots ring like fireworks reflected in eyes that see past our hips and thighs...
we don't chase suns,
none of them,
the ones that set or rise...
we rule these here skies.
Don't have to lie or lay to get what's for me anyway...
ya hear me, sun.
It ain't about doin this thang without your yang ,
this yin's bout blessin you. Bout dreams comin true...
Besides...I'm a boss,
no chasin nor bashin cuz I don't have to...
Straight out the alpha woman's bible, baby...every chapter,
verse 1-2, 1-2...


from The Reintroduction of Mumu Fresh, released May 13, 2014
M. Youssef feat. Mama Sol, Sa-Roc & Raquel Ra Brown




Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh Washington, D.C.

Maimouna Youssef aka "Mumu Fresh" is a Grammy nominated seasoned singer, emcee, songwriter and producer. She received a Grammy nomination for her contribution on the Roots hit “Don’t Feel Right” in 2007 for best rap song and has since taken off as an independent artist. This is the right place for all things fresh! Welcome to the Muvement!!! ... more

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