"WORK" (explicit)

by Mumu Fresh



The first single track from the upcoming full length album "Vintage Babies II: Queen Of Culture by Mumu Fresh, produced by Dj Dummy


put in work, make it work, gone and work,
make it work/
I’m putting work in, ‘til they close the curtain, gone go berserk then, giving them a hurting

Verse 1:
I’m from the seed of blackness/
just check out the lean in my stature
Im certified, seen with binoculars
You could never find another Queen who can capture
From the temples to The ghettos slums get the em enraptured

Im a Trail blazer
Im a Hell raiser
/ Im already major/I don't need no favors

I got 7 black ass names to choke your tongue
I got a calling on my life that will get you done

I’m Deeply rooted/ My scalp ain’t never a felt a perm
darkly suited/ like i'm back in court for a case adjourned

Black as the hole in mamas universe where you formed
The point of no return where field niggas born
Branded by the scorn, lusting black body porn
Massa Brown babies scattered round like corn
Henrietta lacks/ eve gene what im on
We some super blacks DC /Bmore
Standup in the back, where you at hardcore
Get em On the floor/ get em get on the floor

put in work, make it work, gone and work, make it work/
I’m putting work in, ‘til they close the curtain, gone go berserk then, giving them a hurting

Verse 2

But I’m too saucy bitch get off me
You couldn’t deal with the shit this costed me
I was black back when black wasn't a trend
I was too black for you new blacks to let me in

You was scared i would say something that might offend
A little black is an accent/
but a lotta black is threatening

Most of y’all are too scared to be yourselves
You’d rather trade your freedom in for a comfortable cell
And I get it, you’ve worked hard for the spot you got
ain’t trying to have no field niggas making the block hot
You surprised im still alive and better than ever
Shining like new money still Upsetting the setup

Queen of culture
Bringing Dis-ease to these vultures
watching me like pin up poster
Copying my steez like a counterfeit sculpture
But That God frequency is just Dripping off her

High priestess of these bars
Im a Quadruple threat
Nebular super star
Im too big to stay in my lane /murder you all
I'm staking my claim , I’m a hurricane avatar

This aint that
palatable black
manageable tact
Matter Fact
It’s that Hannibal attack
flammable yak (cognac)in your back
This aint that knee bent , kente cloth accent for
This that chain shattering black, take a moment for


released April 16, 2021
Written and performed by Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh,
Produced by Dj Dummy


all rights reserved



Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh Washington, D.C.

Maimouna Youssef aka "Mumu Fresh" is a Grammy nominated seasoned singer, emcee, songwriter and producer. She received a Grammy nomination for her contribution on the Roots hit “Don’t Feel Right” in 2007 for best rap song and has since taken off as an independent artist. This is the right place for all things fresh! Welcome to the Muvement!!! ... more

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